Sunday, April 23rd. Students and their sponsors must be in the Church by 4:30pm for prayer, details, and rehearsal. 

There will not be a reception after the Confirmation Mass

Holy Spirit

Students should make sure they know the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Counsel, Fortitude, Piety, Fear of the Lord.

Please pray for this confirmation class, that their sights are aimed high for heaven, that they receive these gifts abundantly, and bear a spiritual harvest that changes the world!

Dress Code

Wear your best and wear it well! Students must wear clothing that respects themselves, those around them, and the Sacrament. Nothing too tight, too short, too loose, or too revealing, and no athletic wear. That goes for Ladies and Gentlemen. Keep it classy!


Please remember that even though this is a very special Mass, it is still a Mass. Flash photography is not permitted during the liturgy. A group photo will be taken immediately after Mass in the church. There will be a professional photographer present before, during, and after Mass. He will have order and pricing forms available. Ordered photos will be made available at the church at a later date. We are offering an opportunity for an individual photo to be taken beforehand in the cafeteria from 3:30pm - 4:30pm.

Gift Ideas

  • Ignatius Bible (RSV), 2nd Edition - Leather
  • Rosary
  • Journal
  • Saint medal, picture, image, etc.
  • Candle
  • Confirmation Date Engraving (to remember the date they fully entered the Church)
  • etc.

For more gift idea inspiration, sites like Pinterest or Etsy are good online resources for ideas. 

Follow Up Meeting

Sunday, May 28th, 7pm - 8:45pm, in the Holy Family Center