Ryan Adamson (Director of Youth Evangelization)

Email: ryan.adamson@toledostpats.org

Phone: (419)-270-6272

  • Co-Leader of Confirmation at SPH
  • Leads the classes
  • General communicator to parents and students
  • Accepts class homework (not the same as “paperwork required for sacramental eligibility”)

Rebecca Reamer (Director of Religious Education)

Email: rebecca.reamer@toledostpats.org

Phone: (419)-381-0240

  • Co-Leader of Confirmation at SPH
  • Handles all sacramental paperwork (paperwork required for sacramental eligibility)  
    • This paperwork will always go to her. If she is not available then Ryan Adamson will accept it.
  • Acts as a go-between us (the parish) and the diocese
  • Directs the Confirmation Liturgy 

The Confirmation Team

  • Assists Rebecca and Ryan with all class related functions: small groups, teaching, activities, etc.