Buckle Up!

  • Attentive attitudes from students and parents  towards all class related material and communications.
  • Clear communication to Rebecca and/or Ryan (from parents and students)
    • As a family have clear understandings of what is priortized…
    • Every Class must be attended
      • Communicate any life issues that come up or calendar events that have been planned for more the 6 months and we can work around that. (i.e. Deaths, Marriages, Illness, Hospitalization, visiting an aging relatives, etc.)
      • But if there are two absences due to laziness or prioritization of other activities then that communicates to Ryan and Rebecca (and subsequently Fr. Tony) that students and/or parents don’t actually desire the sacrament of Confirmation. 
        • People don’t play sports for the rest of their lives, they can be Catholic though!
  • On time submissions of paperwork and homework
  • Every student will be interviewed.
  • Weekly Sunday Mass Attendance is expected
  • If this isn’t for you (the teen)….. This is your choice.