What is Discipleship?

Discipleship means following Jesus Christ. Being a Catholic isn't only about saying grace before meals. The faith is not just a set of rules and robotic regulations, but at its heart is a relationship with a living person: Jesus Christ. Becoming a Disciple of Christ is hard and takes work, but it is the most exciting and fulfilling adventure in the world. Join other Disciples striving to follow Jesus.


"From the beginning, Jesus associated his disciples with his own life, revealed the mystery of the kingdom to them, and gave them a share in his mission, joy, and sufferings."                                                          -CCC 787 

(UAP) Urban Apostles Program

Jesus says "Come." then "Go." Apostle means one who is sent. The Urban Apostles Program trains teens to be sent out as disciples to transform the world. Through the UAP  we are always striving to help the young Church Church grow deeper in their faith, in word, action, and deed by walking with you every step of the way.