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EDGE is open to any 7th or 8th grader who wishes to attend regardless of their background. We have an open door policy at EDGE, however officially registering into the youth group costs $30 per teen. This cost gets the registered teen a T-Shirt, discounts, access to certain events and trips, helps fund the program, and gives us contact info so you stay informed on all the cool stuff we have planned. 

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EDGE is not a class or requirement for Confirmation. It is a weekly opportunity for 7th & 8th grade teens to experience and explore their relationship with God amongst family and friends. 

what is required for confirmation is weekly mass ATTENDANCE and regular parish INVOLVEMENT.  

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Special Events: Details and Online Sign-Up Forms


2017 EDGE Trabbic Farm Visit 

"Some say it's a pumpkin farm, others say it's where God first made donuts" - Unknown

Sign-Up Deadline: Friday, September 29th, at 5pm

The Sign-up form for this event are no longer live. 


EDGE Fall Movie Night (coming soon)

"The fall spectacle we've all be waiting for!" - Black Beard

Sign-Up Deadline: Thursday, November 16th, at 5pm


EDGE 2017 Overnight Winter Lock-In (Coming Soon)

"It's gonna be next level!" -  Chipotle Savage

Sign-Up Deadline: Friday, December 8th, at 5pm


My name is Ryan Adamson.                                                  

I am The Director of Youth Evangelization at St. Patrick of Heatherdowns. I’m the guy who is in charge of EDGE. I also work with The Director of Religious Education helping lead sacramental preparation.

I can be contacted anytime at ryan.adamson@toledostpats.org 

or call The Office of Youth Ministry at 419-381-1540 (ext. 121).