We can learn a lot about being a christian through books, peers, news, formal education, you name it! Though, a lot of our faith can be found in plain sight.

Enjoy the audio, video, articles, and much more produced by amazing christians from all walks of life! 


Emily Wilson is great!

We can dig this!  

Ascension Presents with Fr. Mike


Ascension Press is a Catholic publishing company that has a Youtube account called Ascension Presents that features the awesome Fr. Mike and other great personalities. Check out this channel for all of your basic learning needs!

The Bible Project

Have you ever wanted to know more about the Bible? Has it always seemed like too big of a task? This Youtube channel does an amazing job of making it all seem so simple! 


Life Teen


Here at St. Patrick of Heatherdowns we are considered a "Life Teen Parish" because we use their material. Their Youtube channel is a great free resource for all of the current topics. 


Catholic Stuff You Should Know

Let's be real, sometimes all you need are headphones and a great podcast! These priests know how to have fun and dish out some pretty awesome nuggets of information. We'll try not to get lost in their banter lol!


Pints with Aquinas

Here's another podcast for you if you're feeling ready to dive into the deep end! Matt Fradd drops mic after mic in this very intellectual program. 


Integrity Restored

There's no way you can be tired of podcasts yet! Integrity Restored dives into topics that are bit more sensitive. Matt Fradd discusses matters of Love, sexuality, addictions, and much more.



Interested in politics? Here is a site that provides some interesting perspectives! 


Eye of the Tiber

Nah, not that cool song from back in the day. Though, if you're one get in on a good joke here is some news that you're sure to get a chuckle out of!